Embroidered Denim



It took me forever to find a good pair of embroidered denim. After seeing Gucci’s collection with the amazing patches on the denim I just had to go find a cheaper alternative. The one I am wearing is from Topshop, and recently they came out with a great variety of embroidered jeans from different prints to colour. I wore fishnets that peaked out at the bottom, since my jeans were cuffed. I paired it with slip on navy shoes, which have a platform that gives a good amount of height but is still comfortable to walk around in. I wore a grey cropped sweater with a long grey double breasted coat to keep me extra warm. For accessorizes I have a leopard belt on to add some texture to the look. This is perfect to wear during the winter, because it adds a bit of fun to your look during these cold days.

Jeans: Topshop

Sweater: Brandy

Coat: Topshop

Fishnets: Hudson Bay

Shoes: Celine

Bag: Saint Laurent

Belt: Urban Outfitters






3 thoughts on “Embroidered Denim

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